William Mesilane
Game Developer

I'm based in Melbourne, Australia and I've been developing games since about 2006. I'm passionate about fun, meaningful experiences that are easy to pick up and play. My primary goal is to create fun experiences that are accessible through design, and give numerous options for players to customize their experiences.

Currently I'm mostly developing for mobile, but the bulk of my experience is in PC games. Here you'll find a bunch of cool stuff I've worked on over the years.

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2015 - 2016

Primal Carnage: Extinction

2013 - 2015


2012 - 2013




2006 - 2008

Studio Zero

Platforms: iOS, and Android (coming soon)

Studio Zero is a tiny one-man indie company I run and Harvest was our debut title. My responsibilities included the design, art, and code as well as marketing, business, co-ordinating with contractors and other external parts of the team, etc. Harvest is the first game I've developed using Unity and almost every aspect of the game was developed myself.

I also took Harvest to PAX Aus 2016 and showcased it in the Indie Pavilion.

Website | App Store

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Circle 5 Studios / Pub Games UI Engineer

Platforms: PC, Playstation 4

My role as UI Engineer involved the design, development, and implementation of the entire user interface for Primal Carnage Extinction with Flash / Scaleform in Unreal Engine 3. This involved designing and developing the UI in such a way that it supported both keyboard, mouse, and gamepads simultaneously, and seamlessly so as to not interrupt the experience for the player.

I expanded upon the lessons learned developing InFlux's UI for this project as it involved much more complex menus as well as a much higher volume of content to produce. Extra challenge was provided by the game eventually needing to be ported to the Playstation 4, so while I was not on the project during the console release, future proofing the UI system had to be taken into account during production.

Website | Steam | Playstation Store

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Impromptu Games UI Developer

Platforms: PC, and Mac

I was tasked with creating the frontend, pause menus, and in-game prompt UI. Since this is a UDK game the go to was to use Flash / Scaleform to achieve this. The UI was designed to be as minimal and as simple as possible, and also allow dynamic switching between keyboard, mouse, and gamepad without impeding gameplay. The player was able to pick up a controller and seamlessly switch between multiple control methods.

I also developed marketing material that was printed on posters and given away at PAX Australia as InFlux was part of the Australian Indie Showcase in 2013.

Website | Steam

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RMIT University Final Group Project

Platform: PC

Parallel was a third year RMIT year long game development project. It is a science fiction, first person horror game that includes puzzle elements where you could move between a 'light world' and a 'dark world'. I was involved in the game/level design, UI design/development, and general build development / maintenance.

The final build of the game is available for download at the link below.


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Harvest+ / ++ (2007 - 2008)

Platform: Web

Harvest + / ++ are together in this section due to the nature of the series. Harvest+ is a full version of one of my Four Second Firestorm contributions which was completed and released in 2007, and Harvest++ was intended to be a far higher quality, better version of that game and was eventually canned. This one day turned into the Studio Zero game Harvest.

Download Harvest+ | Download Harvest++

Four Second Firestorm (2006)

Platform: Web

A collaboration with over 35 developers that came together on the Newgrounds Forums in late 2005 to make a game together titled 'Four Second Firestorm'. Each developer was tasked with creating short games that lasted 4 seconds or less. They were then put into a rotation of other games to go through a WarioWare style gauntlet of small Flash games.

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My skills include:

Also C#, Actionscript 3, Unrealscript, Game Design, UI Design